Amyl Nitrite

Category: Chest Pain (Angina)

Amyl nitrite is a chemical compound with the formula C5H11ONO. A variety of isomers are known, but they all feature an amyl group attached to the nitrite functional group. The alkyl group is unreactive and the chemical and biological properties are mainly due to the nitrite group. Like other alkyl nitrites, amyl nitrite is bioactive in mammals, being a vasodilator, which is the basis of its use as a prescription medicine. As an inhalant, it also has a psychoactive effect, which has led to its... [wikipedia]

Dosage List

Amyl Nitrosum 5 [Hp_c]/5[hp_c] Oral Pellet
NDC: 0220-0300
Amyl Nitrosum 30 [Hp_c]/30[hp_c] Oral Pellet
NDC: 0220-0301
Amyl Nitrosum 6 [hp_x]/1 Oral Pellet
NDC: 15631-0031
Rxhomeo Private Limited D.b.a. Rxhomeo, Inc
Amyl Nitrite .3 g/.3ml Respiratory (Inhalation) Inhalant
NDC: 46414-2222
James Alexander Corporation
Amyl Nitrosum 6 [hp_x]/1 Oral Pellet
NDC: 60512-6179
Homeolab USA Inc.
Headache 30 [hp_c]/1 Oral Pellet
NDC: 64117-303
Natural Health Supply
Amyl Nitrosum 30 [Hp_c]/1 Oral Pellet
NDC: 68428-202
Washington Homeopathic Products
Amyl Nitrosum 30 [Hp_c]/Ml Oral Liquid
NDC: 71919-051
Washington Homeopathic Products

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