Pulmari GP

Active Ingredient(s): Carbetapentane + Guaifenesin
Category: Allergies, Cough & Cold

Pulmari GP Overview

Pentoxyverine (rINN) or carbetapentane is an antitussive (cough suppressant) commonly used for cough associated with illnesses like common cold. It is sold over-the-counter in the United States as Solotuss,[1] or in combination with other medications, especially decongestants. One such product is Certuss, a combination of guaifenesin and pentoxyverine.[2] The drug is available in the form of drops, suspensions and suppositories.[1][3&...

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need to know information on and history ## If you're talking about Pulmari GP which contains Carbetapentane + Guaifenesin, then that medicine is used to decrease coughs and break up mucus in the lungs caused by colds or throat irritation. Carbetapentane helps to stop cough. Guaifenesin helps break up mucus in the lungs. This product is not intended to treat chronic cough caused by smoking, asthma, emphysema, heart failure, or problems in which there is a large amount of mucus.


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