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Cysteamine is a chemical compound that can be biosynthesized in mammals, including humans, by the degradation of coenzyme A. The intermediate pantetheine is broken down into cysteamine and pantothenic acid.[10] It is the biosynthetic precursor to the neurotransmitter hypotaurine.[11][10] It is a stable aminothiol, i.e., an organic compound containing both an amine and a thiol functional groups. Cysteamine is a white, water-soluble solid. It ... [wikipedia]

Dosage List

Procysbi 25 mg Enteric Coated Capsule
NDC: 49663-001
Raptor Therapeutics Inc.
Procysbi 75 mg Enteric Coated Capsule
NDC: 49663-002
Raptor Therapeutics Inc.

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