Active Ingredient(s): Pancrelipase
FDA Approved: * April 30, 2009
Pharm Company: * SOLVAY PHARMS
Category: Enzymes

* This drug may consist of multiple approval dates, manufacturers, or distributors. If applicable, they would be listed below under "NDC Database Records".

Creon Overview

Pancreatic enzymes, also known as pancreases or pancrelipase and pancreatin, are commercial mixtures of amylase, lipase, and protease.[1][2] They are used to treat malabsorption syndrome due to certain pancreatic problems.[1] These pancreatic problems may be due to cystic fibrosis, surgical removal of the pancreas, long term pancreatitis, or pancreatic cancer, among others.[1][3] The preparation is taken by mouth....

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Creon weight loss

I am losing weight with Creon why? ## creon and weight loss ## This contains Pancrelipase, which is a pancreatic hormone that is used to treat people who have pancreatic conditions, or cannot digest food normally. According to NIH studied, if you are not digesting food properly, weight loss is an expected side effect, along with nausea, dizziness, and stomach pain. Has there been any change for either of you? Are either of you on any other medications? What do your normal diets consist of?

Urgent query regarding my unsolved case

I was leading a very healthy life until seven years back since i met with a bike accident From thereon my stomach problems have started and are not yet solved. I lost around 15 kgs of weight. I have seen all top docs in my vicinity. Had my endo and coIonoscopy done, was having gastritis deuodenitis,l IBS, dyspepsia. was prescribed medications such as pantocid 40, creon 10000, rifagut 400, xymex syrup, lacti fibre, mebaspa, for aroung 12 months now. then again I had my endo and colo done gastritis and all infections had gone. Though I eat everyhting I feel weakness and fatigue many times and am not gaining any weight. I was not allowed wheat and milk also for 12 months. Have been having a very healthy diet since last 2 years but thento probs of stomach, weakness and weight gain are not s...

Abdeks multivitamin

Got the abdeks multivitamin bubblegum tablets at walgreens. I think it's a generic Source CF.. the wholesale info is on their site. Has anyone else tried this? ## I got the libertas multi with ABDEK through CF services Pharmacy 800.541.4959. The bubblegum chewables are closest to source CF and less expensive than aquadeks. Our friend also said these are available free of charge on creon care forward program ## This is one multivitamin I haven't tried yet. I'm curious to know what the specific list of ingredients are and what sources they might be derived from, if either of you happen to have that information?... I've personally been drawn to Garden of Life "raw whole food" multivitamins to try and get them as close to their natural state as possible. I hear that ...

Having stomach upset

My stomach is upset from few days , I have gone thorugh routine blood checkup and in report AMALYSE value comes as 182 normal value range 20-100 . I went to doctor an explain the problem . He suggested 3 Medicine and a sonography . Three mdeicine are below : Pain-D Creon Cyclopam Plese advise if all the medicine are good and not having side effects .as i am very scared of taking elopathy tablets .


Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

  • Capsule: 10000unit + 37500unit + 33200unit, 120,000usp units + 24,000usp units + 76,000usp units, 30,000unit + 2,400unit + 30,000unit, 30,000unit + 8000unit + 30,000unit, 30,000usp units + 6,000usp units + 19,000usp units, 30,000usp units + 8,000usp units + 30,000usp units, 30000unit + 8000unit + 30000unit, 30000uspu + 8000uspu, 33200unit + 10000unit + 37500unit, 48000unit + 16000unit + 48000unit, 60,000usp units + 12,000usp units + 38,000usp units, 66400unit + 20000unit + 75000unit, 75000unit + 66400unit + 20000unit, 8000unit + 30,000unit + 30,000unit
  • Capsule, Coated Pellets: 20000unit + 4500unit + 25000unit
  • Capsule, Delayed Release: 10,850usp Units + 2,600usp Units + 6,200usp Units
  • Capsule, Delayed Release : 10000unit + 30000unit + 30000unit
  • Capsule, Delayed Release: 105,000usp Units + 25,000usp Units + 79,000usp Units, 109,000usp units + 20,000usp units + 68,000usp units, 120,000usp units + 24,000usp units + 76,000usp units
  • Capsule, Delayed Release : 12000unit + 39000unit + 39000unit
  • Capsule, Delayed Release: 136,000usp units + 25,000usp units + 85,000usp units, 13800units/lipase + 27600units/protease + 27600/units/amylase, 14,000usp Units + 3,000usp Units + 10,000usp Units, 15,000usp units + 3,000usp units + 9,500usp units, 15,125usp Units + 4,000usp Units + 14,375usp Units, 16,000usp units + 3,000usp units + 10,000usp units
  • Capsule, Delayed Release : 16,600unit + 5000unit + 18,750unit, 16000unit + 48000unit + 48000unit
  • Capsule, Delayed Release: 16000units + 57500units + 60500units, 168,000usp Units + 40,000usp Units + 126,000usp Units, 17,500usp/ units + 4,200usp/ units + 10,000usp/ units
  • Capsule, Delayed Release : 175.74mg
  • Capsule, Delayed Release: 180,000usp units + 36,000usp units + 114,000usp units
  • Capsule, Delayed Release : 18000unit + 58500unit + 58500unit
  • Capsule, Delayed Release: 2,000 units per 120ml of formula
  • Capsule, Delayed Release : 20,000unit + 5000unit + 20,000unit, 20000U + 4500U + 25000U, 20000unit + 4500unit + 25000unit, 20000unit + 65000unit + 65000unit
  • Capsule, Delayed Release: 20700units/lipase + 41400units/protease + 41400/units/amylase, 218,000usp Units + 40,00usp Units + 136,000 Usp Units, 23000units/lipase + 46000units/protease + 46000/units/amylase, 24,000usp Units + 5,000usp Units + 17,000usp Units, 24,600usp Units + 4,200usp Units + 14,200usp Units
  • Capsule, Delayed Release : 25000unit + 4000unit + 25000unit
  • Capsule, Delayed Release: 27,000usp units + 5,000usp units + 17,000usp units, 27,600usp units + 13,800usp units + 27,600usp units, 30,000usp units + 6,000usp units + 19,000usp units, 30,250usp Units + 8,000usp Units + 28,750usp Units, 30,250usp/units + 8,000usp/units + 28,750usp/units
  • Capsule, Delayed Release : 33,200unit + 10,000unit + 37,500unit, 33200U + 10000U + 37500U, 33200unit + 10000unit + 37500unit, 39000unit + 12000unit + 39000unit, 4000unit + 12000unit + 12000unit, 4000unit + 20000unit + 25000unit
  • Capsule, Delayed Release: 41,400usp units + 20,700usp units + 41,400usp units, 42,000usp Units + 10,000usp Units + 32,000usp Units, 43,750usp/ units + 10,500usp/ units + 25,000usp/ units
  • Capsule, Delayed Release : 4500unit + 20000unit + 25000unit
  • Capsule, Delayed Release: 46,000usp units + 23,000usp units + 46,000usp units
  • Capsule, Delayed Release : 48000U + 16000U + 48000U, 48000unit + 16000unit + 48000unit, 52000unit + 52000unit + 16000unit
  • Capsule, Delayed Release: 55,000usp units + 10,000usp units + 34,000usp units
  • Capsule, Delayed Release : 56000U + 20000U + 44000U, 56000unit + 20000unit + 44000unit, 58500unit + 18000unit + 58500unit
  • Capsule, Delayed Release: 60,000usp units + 12,000usp units + 38,000usp units, 60,500usp Units + 16,000usp Units + 57,500usp Units, 60,500usp/units + 16,000usp/units + 57,500usp/units, 61,000usp/ units + 21,000usp/ units + 37,000usp/ units, 61,500usp Units + 10,500usp Units + 35,500usp Units, 63,000usp Units + 15,000usp Units + 47,000usp Units
  • Capsule, Delayed Release : 65000U + 20000U + 65000U, 65000unit + 20000unit + 65000unit, 66,400unit + 20,000unit + 75,000unit, 66400U + 20000U + 75000U, 66400unit + 20000unit + 75000unit
  • Capsule, Delayed Release: 70,000usp/ units + 16,800usp/ units + 40,000usp/ units
  • Capsule, Delayed Release : 75,000unit + 20,000unit + 66,400unit, 8000unit + 40000unit + 45000unit
  • Capsule, Delayed Release: 8000units + 28750units + 30250units, 82,000usp units + 15,000usp units + 51,000usp units, 83,900usp Units + 21,000usp Units + 54,700usp Units, 84,000usp Units + 20,000usp Units + 63,000usp Units, 90,750usp Units + 24,000usp Units + 86,250usp Units, 98,400usp Units + 16,800usp Units + 56,800usp Units
  • Capsule, Extended Release: 16600unit + 5000unit + 18750unit, 20000unit + 4500unit + 25000unit, 30000unit + 10000unit + 30000unit, 33200unit + 10000unit + 37500unit, 39000unit + 12000unit + 39000unit, 48000unit + 16000unit + 48000unit, 56000unit + 20000unit + 44000unit, 65000unit + 20000unit + 65000unit, 66400unit + 20000unit + 75000unit
  • Powder: 70000unit + 16800unit + 70000unit
  • Tablet: 10440units/lipase + 39150units/protease + 39150/units/amylase, 16000unit + 6000unit + 6000unit, 28880units/lipase + 78300units/protease + 78300/units/amylase, 30,000unit + 8000unit + 30,000unit, 30000unit + 8000unit + 30000unit, 39,150usp units + 10,440usp units + 39,150usp units, 60000unit + 16000unit + 60000unit, 78,300usp units + 20,880usp units + 78,300usp units, 8000unit + 30000unit + 30000unit
Note: Above list includes dosages for all drugs with the same combination of active ingredients.

NDC Database Records for Creon: (9 results)

Sorted by National Drug Code
  • 0032-1203 Creon 3000 (Lipase) Enteric Coated Capsule by Abbvie Inc.
  • 0032-1206 Creon 6,000 (Lipase) Enteric Coated Capsule by Abbvie Inc.
  • 0032-1212 Creon 12,000 (Lipase) Enteric Coated Capsule by Abbvie Inc.
  • 0032-1224 Creon 24,000 (Lipase) Enteric Coated Capsule by Abbvie Inc.
  • 0032-3016 Creon (Amylases 180000 Unt / Proteases 114000 Unt / Lipase 36000 Unt) Enteric Coated Capsule by Abbvie Inc.
  • 17856-1206 Creon 6,000 (Lipase) Enteric Coated Capsule by Atlantic Biologicals Corps
  • 17856-1212 Creon 12,000 (Lipase) Enteric Coated Capsule by Atlantic Biologicals Corps
  • 17856-1224 Creon 24,000 (Lipase) Enteric Coated Capsule by Atlantic Biologicals Corps
  • 54868-6067 Creon 12,000 (Lipase) Enteric Coated Capsule by Physicians Total Care, Inc.

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