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Chlorphenamine (CP, CPM), also known as chlorpheniramine, is an antihistamine used to treat the symptoms of allergic conditions such as allergic rhinitis (hay fever).[2] It is taken by mouth.[2] The medication takes effect within 6 hours and lasts for about a day.[2] Common side effects include sleepiness, restlessness, and weakness.[2] Other side effects may include dry mouth and wheeziness.[2] It is a first-gene...

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Hydrocodone and Chlorpheniram the same?

Does hydrocodone and chlorpheniram have the same chemical in them ## The answer to your question is no. Hydrocodone and Chlorpheniramine have completely different chemical structures and are prescribed for different purposes as individual medications. There is however a liquid combination of Chlorpheniramine + Hydrocodone that is marketed as a narcotic antitussive (cough suppressant) and antihistamine combination. The antitussive (codeine) works by suppressing the cough center in the brain. The antihistamine (promethazine) works by blocking the action of histamine, which reduces the symptoms of an allergic reaction such as itch, watery eyes and runny nose. Learn More: Hydrocodone Details Chlorpheniramine Details I hope this info helps! ## The antitussive (hydrocodone) works by suppressi...


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Chlorpheniramine + Hydrocodone
  • Capsule, Extended Release: eq 4mg maleate + eq 5mg bitartrate, eq 8mg maleate + eq 10mg bitartrate
  • Liquid: 2mg/5ml + 2.5mg/5ml
  • Solution: 4mg/5ml + 5mg/5ml
  • Suspension, Extended Rele: 8mg/5ml + 10mg/5ml
  • Suspension, Extended Release: eq 8mg maleate/5ml + eq 10mg bitartrate/5ml
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NDC Database Records for Chlorpheniramine + Hydrocodone: (6 results)

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  • 17856-0490 Hydrocodone Polistirex and Chlorpheniramine Polistirex Pennkinetic Oral Suspension, Extended Release by Atlantic Biologicals Corps
  • 24486-200 Hydrocodone Polistirex and Chlorpheniramine Polistirex Oral Suspension, Extended Release by Aristos Phamaceuticals, Inc.
  • 50474-150 Tussionex Pennkinetic Oral Suspension, Extended Release by Ucb Inc.
  • 53014-548 Tussionex Pennkinetic Oral Suspension, Extended Release by Ucb Manufacturing Inc
  • 62175-490 Hydrocodone Polistirex and Chlorpheniramine Polistirex Pennkinetic Oral Suspension, Extended Release by Kremers Urban Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • 62542-301 Hydrocodone Polistirex and Chlorpheniramine Polistirex Extended Release Oral Suspension Oral Liquid, Extended Release by Neos Therapeutics, Lp

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