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Azimilide Overview

Azimilide is a class ΙΙΙ antiarrhythmic drug (used to control abnormal heart rhythms). The agents from this heterogeneous group have an effect on the repolarization, they prolong the duration of the action potential and the refractory period. Also they slow down the spontaneous discharge frequency of automatic pacemakers by depressing the slope of diastolic depolarization. They shift the threshold towards zero or hyperpolarize the membrane potential. Although each agent has its...

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Azimilide Approval and Availability

Does anyone know how close Azimilide is to approval or is it already available in the US or any other country? ## What is the best current drugs treatment for VT storm in a 70 year old male, and are there cutting-edge treatments that are under consideration or have recently been approved, such as azimilide? He is not a candidate for ablation. Thanks


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