White Pill With Gold Smiley Face Looks That Looks Like It Was Drawn On To Pill


found pill in daughters room while I was getting rid of ants. She has a cat and the ants are attracted to her food. I found two white pills with what appears to be a drawn gold smiley face on each. Do any of you know what it could be? I thought simley faces on pills were XTC/molly but I am not sure.

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Hello, John! How are you?

Well, that is not a prescription product that I'm familiar with, and from your description, it's origins are definitely questionable. There are several that are listed as being illicit substances.

Have you tried asking her about it?

Does anyone know more about this tablet?

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I am okay - thank you.

We did ask her. She claims to not know what they were - was unaware of them.
It almost appeared that the smiley face was hand drawn on and not engraved(as ex typically is).

I do know that she has a friend that she states abuses diet pills.

I dunno - I trust her. She is a good student but just am trying to protect.

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