What Are Side Effects Of Zolfresh & Nitrest Tablets

sarika Says:

1. can this medicine cause cervical pain, frozen shoulder. 2. pain in shoulder joint & bicep muscles. 3. can it cause memory lapses if taken for long period. 4. can it cause numbness in various parts of body specially shoulder arm, hands, calf muscles. 5. how it can effect if taken overdose 6. CAN IT CAUSE MUSCULAR PAIN

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Dr Jai kumar Mishra Says:

After taking ZOLOFRESH 5 one tab at bed time my father feel pain in legs's back side. Is it side effect of this medicine?

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Daniel Says:

Hi. I'm kinda new here but I have a few questions. I just got a box of NITREST 10, (zopidem/ambien)which apparently are manufactured in India, and I just wanted to know. Do they have the same effects as the zopidem does here in the USA? Or is it different? Are they weaker? Or are they stronger? What I'm trying to say is...will it put me to sleep...or does it come with different side effects? Can someone please help me out here? Thanks.

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