Weak Ligament And Tendocare Tablet

jskrt Says:

Last year while exercising my left knee got over stretched. I started feeling pIn in standing or sitting in any position. After around three months I consulted a doctor and was told that mi ligament was weak. He prescribed tendocare and one more tablet which provided some relief but I still am not able to sit with folded legs. I am doing gym also n do the leg extension exercise to strengthen my knee but in vain.. Please sugget what should I do. Due to may vague office timings I am not able to visit my doctor. Can I continue taking tendocare ? Does it have any side effects ?

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suresh kumar Says:

Tendocare is suitable for ligament weak

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mallikarjuna Says:

I am working in store. I got legment problem. My age 51 years. What medicine. Pl help me

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Deepika Says:

I have the same problem. I also got injured in gym. I have ligament tenderness and minor tendonitis. My doc suggested complete rest till I feel no pain and he asked me to wear knee brace short type for 4 week 24 hrs and tendocare 2 tablets for 2 months. Its been a month now im 85% healed. Doc told Main thing is no gym till u feel no pain and it may take 6 months to heal completely. I didn't rush back to gym. I'm already feeling so much supper healed. Try this

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