Warfarin To Xarelto

scared2013 Says:

I had a DVT in 2001 and have been on warfarin since. I've had no problem with it and go every week to get my INR checked which is no big deal. Now, my doctor wants to switch me to Xarelto but I'm scared. Opinions will be GREATLY appreciated. thanks!!


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Verwon Says:

I though I'd already posted some advice for you….but then again, I am getting old, so I may have forgotten, or it could have been a post from someone entirely different…it's hard to tell with me! :-)

Anyway….my best suggestion is to call your doctor's office and ask for a consultation appointment, that way you can sit down and talk to them about your concerns. Make sure to ask them as many questions as you can think of about the medication and what benefits they think it will provide you over the one you are already taking.

This will be the best way to calm your nerves and learn everything you need, so you can make an informed decision on what's best for you to do.

Learn more Xarelto details here.

Are there any questions about it that I can help with?

I'll gladly provide information as well, if I can!

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Annette Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I think J&J would be the only consult I would agree to!! How dare them put out a med with two Black Box warnings!!!

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Terri Says:

Hi I was on warfarin since 01 due to a ankle in jury and I just changed to Xarelto 2018 been on it for 2 days so far and the only thing I feel it does is makes me want to take a nap and I don't sleep during the day at all, but I have to be on a blood thinner forever so I made a change to end the routine of blood testing every 2 weeks and to be able to eat salads and dark greens again. Only thing is with Warfarin its has a safety net if ya will Vit K where as the new blood thinner's don't because u are eating them. Warfarin eats the lining of ur veins to so thats something to think about and when I was on it I could stop a paper cut right off so I don't know how long it takes to stop bleeding when u are on Xarelto from a paper cut. I am really careful in what I do everyday regardless of a blood thinner, I have voiced my concerns with my Dr and they have been after me to change for over 2 yrs so finally I gave in, I am told that Xarelto is safer and better for ya time will tell...

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Terri Says:

Hi Just a fast note here I am calling my Dr tomorrow morning I was so tired today and I have only been on Xarelto for two days I cannot afford to be tired I was tired yesterday driving home at 12:30 and wanted to just sleep the afternoon away and I was reading to that you gain weigh I am going back on Warfarin at least I know what its all about and if I have to live without the foods I would love to have then so be it. I don't have joint pain yet but I am not willing to give the new blood thinner a chance to pull its effects on me. I have to do lab this week anyway so its going to be history.. I didn't have any side effects with Warfarin sometimes my INR was alittle high so we'll see.. I think if something works why change it I was stupid for making such a change..

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Terri Says:

Hi don't be pressured into changing because the new blood thinner have more side effects than u can shake a stick at I was pressured into changing by my Dr and I tried Xarelto and had a few side effects and she pulled me off right away and put me back on Warfarin. Or sure u can eat pretty much what ya want with the new thinner but there is no safety net with them. Xarelto makes ur hair fall out, makes ur joints hurt, causes more issues than not so if I was u I wouldn't dare change stay with what ya know if it works don't break it. Terri

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LadyM Says:

I was on Warfarin or Coumadin for years..luckily I was able to home test..I moved states and my new doctors were eager to get me on the the newer blood thinners..Elequis did not work, if fact it was difficult for me to breath....then I was switched to Xzaralto which I did very well on. For months it did great even though expensive..no testing, no dr office visits.
Now, after seeing a Hemotologist I was told to go back to Coumadin...of course now it’s back to going to the INR clinic.. I was told 10 years ago that I would be on Coumadin for life. Now I ask why are they having me take Warfarin. .??

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JohnK Says:

I have been on Xarelto for almost seven years and have never had any problems, even when I
have missed a daily dosage of one tablet, See my heart Doctor every six months, I am 87 years old,

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Ladym Says:

depending on what you are on Coumadin for. After ten years I was switched to Elequis which almost killed me, then to Xaralto which I felt fine on. Very expensive. Finally saw a hematologist. Who confirmed my diagnosis that I was given in 2011. Coumadin is the only blood thinner that works for what I have.
Make sure you talk with a specialist before you do any changes. Ps I home test and did for many years until I moved state. Due to owning my own machine I begged them to let me home test. It took a while to get it agreed to. I now home test. As one of the nurses said to me I, the patient could write a book on what to do or not. Going to a clinic every week is depressing. Home test takes less than a minute. Check with your Dr.

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