Want To Free From Medicine Tapex

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I am taking Trapex 2 mg. regularly as advised by Doctor since 19 years. Now I want to stop Trapex. please give me the suggestions

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Verwon Says:

There can be complications and withdrawal symptoms caused by stopping any medication, especially when you have been on it for that long. Please speak to your doctor about the best way to do this.

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k.k youseph Says:

I am use trapex before in 10 years
daily one but before in 2 year use
dailt 2nos

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k.k youseph Says:


Irequested you to kindly inform me any truble use trapex 2
please replay

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Mahesh Says:

can trapex 2 be taken for a longer period what will be the side effects

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vikas Says:

please tell me the side effects of amitone 25mg i am using it from 1year

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