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vip Says:

I am man, 48yrs. Its about 3 month had 2nd degree burns on face & neck. Was hospitalized & skin grafting done on the neck as skin was split. Initially after surgery done & dressing removed the skin was fresh & tender. But with after as days passed there used to be skin getting stuck to each other. Hospital given Bepanthane cream to be massaged on the neck. I continue using same. Not much relief I find. I tried Johnson soft baby cream, Vasline Alo vera moist lotion, coco butter to have it softened but with none of it I have found relief. The skin jamming is stopped but the skin surface become hard and skin wrinkled around the graft. As beard too is grown and its not become possible shaving everyday its become difficult putting on with the irritation, pain on the skin & neck stiffness. I read Vitamin E & B complex good for skin as it restore dryness, improves skin tissue easing stiffness. I just started taking of these both vitamins 1 each on daily basis. I not yet have experience any improvement so far. With after start of taking B complex I have felt the nerves on neck become hard or strong as I can feel it by hand. I don't know if this is good sign. I need advise on the continuation of using same. Would there be any adverse effect caused from it. Also would it be possible I recovering back with the dermis and epidermis as like before. I daily intake lots of water and drink fruit juice in order to keeping skin moist. What are other care I have to take in order to ease with my problem.

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vippin Says:

I am Indian, working in Abu Dhabi in a private company. My status keep seeming to be the same as like last explained. I have start taking Complete TD now since its last 4 days now. I feel gained with little bit of more strength with the taking of vitamins but the roughness on the skin it seem to be like same. Its become hard like wood at one part. Sensation on that part I can feel. I am only worried as with the days passing would this continue to be same or can I get to experience any improvement?

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Vippin!

I am very sorry about what you've been through, that's truly terrible. However, you deserve a ton of credit and respect for continuing with life and working, when many would just give up.

As to your skin, taking stuff that may help from the inside is usually the best strategy, as long as your doctor approves, but it does take time, especially for natural substances, to have an effect.

As to anything else you can try, I'd suggest consulting your doctor, as soon as possible. They'll have a better idea of what types of improvement you can expect and what would be safe for you to use.

As to the shaving, have you considered trying a depilatory? These are creams that are sold in many stores that remove the hair, you just spread them on for a few minutes, then gently wipe off. If your doctor says it's okay for you to try, that could help solve that problem. They make some specifically for sensitive skin.

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