Small Round Off White Pill With 84 But No Other Markings

Zina Says:

I took a very tiny round off white pill with the no. 84. on it. There were absolutely NO other markings at all on this pill. I was a mess and thought it was an old generic nerve pill. Too many things caused me to do the dumbest thing, which was taking that pill. I was so sick, I desperately was ready to go to the hospital. Everything was spinning, and I couldn't even stand up. I was extremely nauseous and having dry heaves. I'm still just barely able to sit up, stay awake and/or be normal. Thanks for any help!

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David Says:


I have yet to come across any specific details that fit your pill's description. Some come close, but nothing precise. My suggestion (if you're unable to get the pill's contents analyzed by a lab) would probably be to toss it. Please excuse me if I'm too quick to draw conclusions, but it sounds like you didn't obtain it from a licensed pharmacy, which would be the first red flag in my book when it comes to not being able to accurately identify what sounds like a potential pharmaceutical/illicit substance. And not to try and scare you but based on your reaction it could've very well been poison for all we know. The notion of being willing to take something that you can't identify is also baffling, but I won't go any further than saying that, as I'm sure it was a valuable lesson learned. We all make mistakes, so it's nothing to be ashamed of. I would just be glad that you're still alive and hopefully feeling better after getting the substance out of your body...

I wish you good health!

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angel eyes Says:

Dear is an iron tablet.

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Mimi Says:

I have a small round pill with 84 on one side and blank on the other side. It was filled at the pharmacy as .75mg Pramipexole for Restless Leg Syndrome. I've tried taking it a couple different times but it causes excessive vomiting. Now that I've tried looking it up without finding it, my husband is taking it back to the pharmacy for an explanation.

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Martin Says:

The pharmacy is liable if this is their fault and should be persued, luckily you are ok now but imagine this mistake caused someone serious harm. Inattention in giving out medication is a very serious matter.

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