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Mel Says:

Hi I have severe potassium depletion and need to take 12 slow k per day - thing is they are very hard on tummy and I can only eat so much food in one day I'm also recovering from gastritis so tummy still sensitive so have to be very breakfast I'm only taking x 2 at lunch x 3 and dinner x 4 depends how much food I eat a couple of days I got 12 with four separate meals x 3 each meal but I don't eat that everyday so how on earth do I do without messing up my tummy??anyone n I really need the 12. Dilemma.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Mel! How are you?

Oh yes, the U.S. FDA warns about that being the most prominent side effect of potassium supplements.

When I was in the hospital ER and they gave it to me, they had me take the multiple tablets with mild and crackers, saltines to be specific. So you may want to try that, if you're not on a restricted diet.

Does anyone else have any ideas or advice to add?

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Mel Says:

Thanks for reply hun

How long did it take you to get potassium back up? N why'd it go low what symptoms did u have

No I'm not on restricted diet exactly can still eat just not greasy or dairy or sugar

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Mel Says:

Well I'm getting my tabs in most days some 12, some 9, 10, 11. My stomach has improved which is allowing me to get them in with food. 9 is min and 12 is great. So iv just come into the bottom end of the normal range now at 3.6 after 2 months of aggressive supplementation. It takes a long time to build depending on how depleted you are n I was bad. Hope to God nothing gets in way n I continue to raise levels. Recent throat infection n Sun stroke yesterdaybut still managing to eat thankfully. I estimate by end of May I should be around 3.9/4 which would be good base. It should rise quicker after this. My aim is 4.5 this is my good no I have neuromuscular probe so anything under this is not an option. I cannot wait to go 4 a walk again n be physical n enjoy life. It's been a very long suffering road with this n I need it to end. The joy of waking up without deep body aches like someone is slowly pulling oil from my body and palpatations will be such a relief.

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