Round Orange Pill Bought In Mexico As Zolpidem

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I bought in mexico. It is scored on one side. I bought it as generic ambien but I don't even know the strength of the pill. Can anyone help me?

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Verwon Says:

Are there any markings on the tablet?

If not, it will be virtually impossible to confirm what it is, unless you would pay to have it lab tested. This is one of the hazards of buying foreign medications.

I've not even seen this tablet mentioned, before.

I am sorry, I wish I could be of more help.

Is anyone else familiar with this tablet?

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Lexx Says:

Did you ever take the ambien you got from Mexico or find out any more info on it? I just got some as well. Round, orange tablets. Scored one one side and unmarked on the other. It should be 10mgs but I have no way of telling or even telling if its generic ambien. I got it at Discount Pharmacy in Nogales, MX.

Can you update me on anything you found out?

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Patarma6 Says:

I use a ZOLPIDEM 6.25 mg.
A yellow Tablet.
Marked A117

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Robert Says:

Mexico has become, IMO, a very unreliable source for pills. Ages ago, when they basically stopped writing scripts for Qualudes, Mexican alternatives were the real deal. Now? I wouldn't take a chance with my money. Can you get Ambien across state lines with a prescription? There are legal mail order pharmacies. There are just so many bogus ones you really have to dig. Have you asked your pharmacist about this problem, if they know of where to get non Teva generics, or more specifically Mylan? If you have insurance you should be able to afford to pay for the brand name. Mine would be over $8 but less than $10. Same with Ambien CR. My new Part D doesn't cover the CR, but if I wanted to continue it would cost me $8 a month.

Caveat...I'm not 100% sure if the price is for brand or generic but if they carried generic, why wouldn't they cover it for me so my guess is it would be Ambien CR.

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Shannon Says:

Only the US has to have medication approved from the FDA so when u go to Mexico or canada and they don't have the same regulations our country has so they don't have to put markings on the pills they have in their pharmacies. They should be the same pills u would receive in the US but just take caution because they would be cheaper in those countries because they are not FDA approved because they are not in the US.. I hope this makes sense. I have been up all night and just took a half of an ambien and don't really know how it will affect me yet.

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Sasu Says:

Re: Shannon (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

In Mexico you have to be experienced in buying. Those orange or yellow pills you received are Flexeril (muscle relaxers) - They will tell you it’s generic Ambien. It’s not. They are 10mg tablets. They will sell you Ambien but it’s going to cost upwards of $70 for 30 pills.

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John Says:

10 mg zolpidem as long as it came out of packet not bottle.

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