Risperidone Withdrawal Symtoms

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i would like to know the withdrawal symtoms


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Verwon Says:

Well, drawing from my husband's experience with this medication, I can tell you some of them:

insomnia, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and irritability.

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Janet Louise Says:

I've been on Risperidone for years. Having the same s&s as you describe. I feel terrible.

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Trish Says:

My son is going through withdrawal symptoms from this medication. He has uncontrolled movements all over his body, and extreme irritability. He will be playing and if something doesn't work the way he wants he will scream at the top of his lungs and throw whatever it is across the room. These are the things I notice. He's not complaining of anything else other than I have also noticed he has had changes in his bowel habit, its harder for him to have a bowel movement lately.

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Soumen Says:

I am 23yrs old. Dr. has told me that my dopamine level has increased. I have started taking risdone 1 mg once a day and feeling well now. I am taking this medicine last 3 months continuously but I used to take that medicine abruptly before that and when i stop this medicine symptoms comes back. can you plz tell me is it curable and how long should I continue this medicine?

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Alyssa Says:

First off, please slowly taper off of this medication and don't stop cold turkey. I missed one dose on accident, and my withdrawal symptoms from just 24 hours of not taking it were insane. Nausea all day, constant shaking, hand and feet sweats, dizziness, and probably the worst were the brain zaps. All day I experienced random flashes or zaps that would last a second and make me jump a little. These as I said were just my symptoms after one day, so please be careful when stopping this as this is a very nasty one to come off of.

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