Reasons For Swapping Diazepam 30mg To 6mg Of Larazepam
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tony new Says:

iv been on 30mg of diazepam for 7 years recently been taking 6mg of larazepam instead not prescribed by doctor tho feel like I have my life can I tell my doctor this without getting in trouble , would my doctor change my prescription of diazepam 30mg to 6mg of larazepam instead

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jay Says:

I have often thought about asking a dr to do this as they hate diazepam so much, maybe a different benzo would go down well. Like today my new dr just said no unless my clinic will back me up and tell him this guy really needs them, as i have a 20 yr history of 20 mg or over prescribed until last few yrs where ive been dettoxed 3 or 4 times to 0 to 4 mg and 8 mg which to me was a joke and withdrawals were awful so today this doctor took me straight off 4 tevas to zero. He can kill me and actually said he was willing to risk me taking fits or seisures, nice man ay. So i pray my methadone prescriber sticks by me and speaks to this d head, its called care share or something. Lets see or i will just search through drs in my area in london, england.

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Badman Says:


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