Racedotril, Hidrasec 10 Mg Oral Powder Antidiarrheal For Infants


for a 4-month old baby, we were advised by the doctor to give him 1 sachet, twice a day. the mixture of 1 sachet powder and water were not indicated in the sachet.may i know the amount of water that i will be using to mix with 1 sachet powder?i need a concrete info re this since my baby experienced watery diarrhea for 4 days already. please help.

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formulation of racecadotril hidrasec 10mg oral powder antidiarrhial

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according to my baby's pedia u have to mix it to 2.5-5ml of distilled water. i believe volume of water is dependent on your baby's weight. mine is 6.3kls 6months old baby :)

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my baby is 7 mos. old weights 7kg. wat is the volume of water do i need to dissolve 1 sachet of hidrasec?

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How much water for 10 mg hidrasec for 2 month infant...

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