Phentermine K 25 Export Quality

allen Says:

Why would a bubble pack of phentermine k-25 have export quality written on the back

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reggie Says:

I got the same thing from India. Did it work on you to suppress appetite how many did you take? i feel it is something else since real phentermine makes me thirsty . Maybe this is Chlorphentermine.

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David Says:

Have you still not been able to verify any whether this is actually Phentermine or not?

I hate to see people getting scammed over medication that they may need, but that's just one of the major risks involved with ordering these types of drugs over the internet.

The price you pay for a prescription not only guarantees that you are getting what you paid for, but also in the event that you experience complications, you can always turn to your doctor for assistance.

I haven't found any specific details regarding the "export quality" logo on the back of the pill, but if anyone else recognizes this, please post back here as soon as you're able to.

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Robert Says:

Did anyone find if these are Phentermine?

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Paramedic Says:

I hope they aren't chlorphentermine. The drug chlorphentermine is a stimulant. It is weaker then Phentermine but it causes cardiac fibrosis do to its effects on seratonin. It in the same class if drugs as the old drug phen phen was. Hopefully it's regular Phentermine. Please let me know if you find out for sure..

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Amy Says:

Re: reggie (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I just got the same thing. Have you found out why it said all of that on the back?

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