Nucynta/not Working Anymore

Anonmous Says:

Has anyone had the problem with nucynta not working anymore?

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Verwon Says:

How long have you been taking it?

Though the time frame can vary from person to person, it is completely normal for our bodies to eventually get used to the current dosage of any medication we take and for it to begin to be less effective.

Learn more Nucynta details here.

Have you discussed the issue with your doctor?

You may need a dosage adjustment, or to switch to a different medication.

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minoguesque Says:

Indeed a patient will almost always be started on 50mg tabs and as tolerance develops be raised to the maximum of two 100mg tds. Being an SNRI as well as an analgesic raises several issues. Follow Verwon's link and the links found therein and you will learn a lot about tapentadol HCl. It is a complex drug and in terms of analgesic action is closest to levorphanol of the drugs which have been prescribed longer, tapentadol being a relatively recent addition to the Formularies.

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