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small white tablet with 50 written on 1 side and synthroid on the other side, is this name brand or generic

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I have taken Neoflax a few times to sooth a bit of back pain and muscle cramps...It works well...Go light on your alcohol though b/c it enhances the buzz, alot...I live in CR and bought this at my local farmacia...They also gave me Enantyum which is a much deeper medicine...If you have real muscle pain and need to get in there to work it out (at least for the moment), then this will do the trick...Otherwise, Neoflax is a winner...Enjoy!!!

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Yes indeed, i just had neoflax for neck pain and it worked great. I also live in Panama and needed no prescription for it.

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Neoflax is also available without prescription in Panama

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Neoflax can be bought in Costa Rica. It worked for me..

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I was given Neoflax in Costa Rica 2 years ago, severe back pain. Worked well

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Initial research suggests that the active ingredient in Neoflax is Tiocolchicósido, which translates to Thiocolchicoside. A typical dosage may be 4 mg.

To read more about this, you can see the following short article:


I don't think it's available in the United States, but it is used as a muscle relaxant, pain reliever, and anti-inflammatory. Can you please post back with more information about what country you obtained this medication from?

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Sorry, this is not available in the US and I cannot find any information on it. I suggest speaking to your doctor for correct usage and dosing information.

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What is dosage for strong back pain. Age 45, 180 pounds

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