My Doctor Made Me Take A Drug Test

kristene murry Says:

I went to get a presciption from my general doctors office, and they said I would need to take a complete phisical and drug test. Is that legal to require a drug test to get this prescription?

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Verwon Says:

Your doctor can require such for any prescription, if they so choose and you're only recourse is to take your business elsewhere.

Learn more drug test details here.

What was the prescription for?

If it was for a controlled substance, then they are required to test you every so often and do a physical, before giving such a prescription.

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Christina Probus Says:

I drug test monthly for my psychiatrist office. I am a standard patient, not probation or court ordered there. The problem I have is that it is supervised, but for girls only. The on site lab technician is always a girl so the boys never have to be supervised. This can't be fair. Can I request a blood test. When I objected the first time they gave me a swab but refused the next mth. I have always passed but it is absolutely humiliating and my bladder is just too shy despite however full it may be.

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