Missed Period For 2 Months

chink Says:

I haven't got my periods for the last 2 months. What should I do? There are no symptoms of being pregnant. And I'm not yet ready for it. In fact for my missed period I haven't yet had any intimate relationship with my partner.. I want to have my period as soon as possible so dat I can have a relationship on my 1st anniversary.. That is on the 27th of dis month. The last time I had got my period was on feb 4th. After that day I haven't yet got it. Please advise.

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Deepa Says:

before one moth havy bleeging face to me.after teatment bleeding ok .but prestly one month not preoud to us.

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Shanam Says:

Hello. I am a married woman and am age 23. I missed my period for 2 months. I didn't take any pills to prevent the possibility of pregnancy. Now for the past 4 days I was taking a tablet in hopes of having my period, but I still didn't get it. What's the reason behind this? Is there any problem? I'm feeling very tense about this.

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suma Says:

I have taken a pregnant test that came back negative as well as a scan report that was also negative; but my stomach looks heaver, I get more sleep in the afternoon and my breasts feel heavier also. Could the pregnancy test be misleading? I missed my period for the last two months...

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Syed Says:

Kindly guide me. I'm a patient of pcos and i mostly missed my periods for the past 2 months. I wanna conceive and i have consulted so many doctors who treated me well, but my results are always negative. Today i have taken d-gest 10mg to let my periods start. Kindly tell me if it's harmful for me?

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