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leyla Says:

I used meth 3 days ago and did very little. Does anybody know how long will it show for through a blood test, im getting one in november. Will the methamphetamine still show? Please help. Thank you.

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Verwon Says:

The time it's detectable in a blood test is usually about 3 days, after last use. It's going to vary from person to person, because everyone is different, but that's an approximate time frame.

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jon Says:

it'll take about 3 days it all depends on ur body weight, smoke weed leave that meth s*** alone

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Stephanie Says:

I am leaving it alone, thanks Jon. I have urine test in 4 to 5 days. Don't know what got into me :(

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Danny Says:

I've been using methamphetamine for the past 5 days for the first time and have a UA in 3 days. Will i pass?

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markus Says:

I took methamphetamine 2 months and 10 days ago, very little....i have to take an employment hair test. Will i pass? i also shave my head regularly.

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Cody Says:

im pretty sure you wont pass.

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that guy Says:

i did Methamphetamine how long stay in your system? i did it wensday have to drop for my p.o in 10 days first time doing Methamphetamine!! can anyone tell me if i should be ok ..i am 200 pounds did like 2 grams .

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Anonymous Says:

Yes, you should be fine but drink plenty of water everyday, and stay active breaking a sweat. Stay away from fatty foods. Try not to give your first urine of the day for the test. However do not over dilute the day of your test. But do not be afraid to drink lots of water for all of the days leading up to your test. Do not use any more drugs or any masking products. You'll pass A OK. If you can buy a test and test yourself the day before. Buy it off eBay for $5 to $10 dollars. And Iast resort or if you ever get yourself in a situation where you know you won't pass. The only way to pass is using Synthetic Urine a brand called Quick Fix specifically the Canadian version. It is the only product that has worked 100% of the time regardless of how the sample has been tested ie. Gs/ms or dip stick. Lab or dipstick. Its the only thing that will work. But sobrierty is the best.

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MissMarley Says:

I'm in the suburbs outside of detroit area not to far from ferndale and like 30 mins from ann arbor. Need some support from people that can relate to doing meth occasionally or are newly in recovery. Like someone who won't judge if I decide to partake every once in awhile anybody nearby into meth at all...? Maybe we could talk or meet at a meeting? Just looking for cool people who can relate Thx

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Harley Says:

Ten days is more than enough time to clear the meth out of your urine. If u realy can't stop yourself like if you are physically addicted to like opiates etc...It sounds gross but if you are a girl u can always urinate in a bottle WHILE YOU ARE TOTALLY DRUG FREE and have been for awhile (or usesmeone elses guaranteed clean peelike a pregnant best friend or sister or someone u can trust) and keep it refrigerated for when u need to drop. When u need to get ready to drop go to walmart and buy a plastic travel bottle with a rounded end and a pop top at other end. It should be kinda tongue shaped to stay put best. Warm up urine in microwave (not too hot don't wanna burn urself)- Has to be comfortable to be inserted inside.take plastic pop top lid off, Pour into travel bottle put seran wrap over entire opening all the way down to lip of where pop top would screw on. Wrap rubber band around several times until tight. Leave bottle inside u whole time to stay warm cuz they check temp. When u go to sit down on toilet to drop put dominant hand behind ur back behind ur butt as u hand the urine cup down towards that hand with ur other hand. (Best to have water running to cover sound b4 u sit down they do that for most of people if u ask.) When the cup is directly under, poke a hole in seran wrap and the urne will trickle out and fill up cup. Hand to ur P.O. (U may have to adjust bottle so it doesn't slide out). It worked for lots of people I know. They swear by it, but try to quit like 5 days b4. I know opiates u can use on a Thursday and obstain Friday Saturday and Sunday, drink tons of water all weekend and be clean on a Monday morning but get rid of ur first morning pee and drink fluids. First morning pees are moreconcentrated. Ready clean drinks mask pee tests and come out negative for people I know if u follow directions. My friends have passed hair test by bleach frying ur roots a few inches from all the way down to ur scalp. Redye original color and to be extra safe my friends use thisshampoo that u get at head shops that's for passing hair tests. Wash hair with that b4 u go for extra security but bleaching kills the drugs that would show in follicle

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Cody Says:

You will be find typically most all drugs show up after a 2 or 3 days in a blood test. Blood tests primarily are used to see if individuals are under the influence of drugs and alcohol at that moment or have been very recently They are not good for showing chronic or long term use.

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Kirsten Says:

Im 36 wks pregnant was dumb and used 1/4 gram. afraid I will fail the blood test and my son will be taken from me.. due date is set for 1/27/15. freaking out no negative s*** I know I messed up

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Cody Says:

No you will come back with negative results. But just drink lots of water to cleanse your system. In your situation you should be clean in about three to four days tops. But again you need to obstain from using again. Most states if not all refer cases to Child Protective Services if a mother pops positive for any drug during a pregnancy. Due to the fact you are so stressed out about it which along with the method is not healthy for you or the baby. So to ease your mind go on to amazon and for about $5 to $10 you can buy a 12, 10, 7 panel drug test. You just need one that checks for amphetamine and methamphetamine but because method is made from god only knows. It safest to get at a minimum a 7 or 10 panel. DO NOT USE ANY DRUGS AGAIN. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR KIDS IT AN HOT SECOND. I hope you learned that that 20 sack wasn't worth it. Good luck to you. And stop worrying it's does you no good and its not good for the baby. Youll be clean

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Cody Says:

Using your own urine or somebody elses isn't a very good way if refrigerated. Because bacteria starts to grow quickly and it will send red flags up to the lab. Best bet is Quick Fix Plus the Canadian version. I've used that for 10 years and it has passed every single test known to man. Key is the Canadian Version because it includes Urea which some states test for. Keep in mind even though your state might not test for Urea. Most tests get shipped to states like California where they do check to make sure Urea is in the sample.

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Dee Says:

Kristen sorry to say but it's such a shame that you take a dangerous drug even though you are pregnant and putting your own needs in front of your unborn child's. Maybe it would be best if they ended up in a good foster home away from your drugs.

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