Methadone Pills Got Wet Will This Affect The Potency

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When I opened my pill bottle I accidently dropped quite a few of my methadone pills in the bathroom sink and they got all wet. Will this affect the potency of the pills? Thank you


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Verwon Says:

In a way, it could, because these is the possibility that they started to dissolve, so some of the medication was lost.

However, unless they sat wet and were allowed to dissolve for a long time, the change should be minimal.

Most tablets have a thin coating on the outside, even if they don't seem to when you look at them or feel them and the moisture may not have even made it past that coating.

When you look at them, is it noticeable that they have been wet?

If not, then you probably have nothing to worry about. Most tablets just don't dissolve as fast in water as they do in the acidic environment of the human body.


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billy Says:

My methadone pills got wet. Are they ruined?

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fred Says:

Thank u that helped

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Skelby Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Won't hurt at all as some clinics put water on all takeouts to try and prevent people from selling.

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