Male Star Dietary Supplements Pills

Joey Says:

Help me find male star dietary supplements pills phone number because they keep charging me $89.99 without my permission

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Gator Says:

Same as Joey Need some type of comunica with Male Star to STOP withdrawing from my Account

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David Says:

Male Star products do sound like a scam if there is no phone number, webpage or email to reach them - (I haven't been able to find any of those details in my own investigation). But if this company is fraudulently withdrawing money from your accounts, I would probably encourage you to contact your bank or credit card institution asap and inform them so they can put a hold/block on future transactions from that specific company. Have you tried getting in touch with the distributor / store where it was being sold? I was going to add that you may also wish to report them to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as a last resort; but that is only if you can find current evidence of their existence...LOL. I wonder if Male Star supplements are just a front for something else? Does the product actually work?

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