Lost My Oxyrcontin Percocet Soma Lyrica Prescriptions

rocky Says:

I cannot find my medicine for 4 days. I have looked and looked. This house is so big 3 stories high and so much stuff around. I hid them and cannot remember, should I call . my dr. and tell them what happened? I really don't want them to think I'm lying because it would cause some as trouble. I am getting sick an very upset. What should I do?

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Tamie Says:

If you believe some one has stolen your medication call the police. They will write a report then you take it to the Dr who prescribes the medication. I hope this helps.

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David Says:


In the case of it not being stolen and simply misplaced, I think it would be best to call your doctor first and maybe try to explain what happened in the most honest way possible. Everyone misplaces things from time to time, including medical professionals, so you can't let any of that guilt get to you. I'd just see what your doctor suggests based on whatever s/he's willing to do on behalf of your story. As long as the doctor has your trust as a patient I'm sure you'd have no problem getting the help you deserve.

Do you live in that big house all by yourself?

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Cats68 Says:

Hi Rocky! Just as Tamie said," if u think they were stolen, make out a police report". Then u can bring it 2 your Dr and get new prescriptions.

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