Im In Kettering Ohio - Can Anyone Give Me A Dr Name For Xanax

april84 Says:

Hi, my name is april. I'm from Dayton ohio. Today my dr quit giving me my Xanax with no warning or nothing and I had a clean test. I was in a pain clinic and needed help to get off opioids so I get methadone from rehab and he just cut me off. Does anyone know any dr who would give me back my Xanax even if I'm on methadone? if I don't have it I have seizures and cant eat or sleep. I need help please. I'm very scared. Does anyone know any dr who would give me my Xanax back even just to taper me off them? I have been crying all day. I've been on them 7 years. I'm trying to straighten up my life and this is setting me backwards. So if anyone know a dr who can help me in Dayton kettering Centerville all of Montgomery county or greene county I'm desperate.