I Want To Know About ``histamed-f``

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round & red capsule

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Verwon Says:

The U.S. equivelent is Dexchlorpheneramine, here is the link to the drug monograph for more information:


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Assaad Says:

I want to khnow the side effects of hestiamed_f

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Martin kekana Says:

I would like to know what histamed capsules are prescribed for. And what does it helps?

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michel abboud Says:

histamed-f ( anti-allergic,anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic is not available in kuwait , for that i need to have the alternative to histamed-f ;
mihel abboud

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joelle Says:

what will happen if i drink alcohol while taking histamed f,zaditen and actifed thank you

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Dolly Says:

I want to know if the baby under one year can take histamed f syrup

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leymouna Says:

Zyrtec works like histamine u may check it out in web

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Dolly Says:

what is the maximum dose of Histamed F that can be given to a child 2 years old???

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Darine Says:

Hi I'm 4 month pregnant can I use Histamedf ?
I have sever itching I can sleep

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ezu Says:

Is histamed useful for sever throat allergy with continous coughing?

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Hala Says:

Hi im 5 month pregnant can i use histamed f.
There is any side effects for baby?

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