I Need A Doctor That Prescribes Methadone

jojo Says:

i need a doctor who can prescribe methadone in Columbus Ohio do not want comp drug or maryhaven they are not takeing any paying people only medicaid i need a doctor for pain.,

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Bill Says:

comp drug is taking non medicaid in october supposedly. I am looking for a doctor to prescribe for pain for my son as well. His PC doc is pressured by the DEA, and is afraid to prescribe. Son was on medicaid, but they think his shoulder without any cartilage is going to heal itself. NOT.

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Verwon Says:

The DEA has cracked down everywhere in the U.S. due to ever increasing amounts of improper prescribing and over prescribing of controlled substances.

Learn more Methadone details here.

Anyone paying cash is going to find most doctors very reluctant to prescribe them these types of medications, because it makes it much easier for someone to game to the system by doctor and/or pharmacy hopping.

And then there is also the issue of specifically looking for Methadone, which most doctors will see as being drug seeking behavior, this is a red flag, since it is such a highly addictive drug that is very commonly abused.

The best thing you can actually do is to set up an appointment with a new doctor, without asking for any specific medication. Then make sure that they get a full copy of your most recent medical records. Once they can see what has and hasn't worked for you in the past, as documented by fellow physicians, they will be more apt to prescribe according.

Jojo, do you currently have a general practitioner that may be able to refer you to someone?

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