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bruce Says:

Hi. I have just received a few strips of what is supposed to be diazepam 10mg by hemofarm. The pills look nearly identical to the bensedin brand, in that they are dome shaped with no markings. I have tried a home benzo test and it came up positive but that doesn't mean that it is diazepam, it could be any benzo. They really look legit so I took one and about an hour later I do feel a lot less anxious and calmer so I think they are the real deal. Anyhow, anybody tried these before?

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Kevin Says:

Hello Bruce,

I hope this message finds you in good health and weather.

According to the United Kingdoms government page, only the packaging of the medicine needs to have all of the pertinent information of the drugs printed on it to be legally valid. Generally speaking if you are purchasing your drugs from a pharmacy there is a very low chance they are supplying you with anything except valid drugs.

An option you may choose to exercise is to take your pills to another pharmacy and have them verify the integrity of your drugs. This avoids the original pharmacy covering up anything.

Hope this helps.

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Mr Diaz Says:

Yeah, Hemofarm is Eastern Balkan’s pharma, great meds, you’re safe.

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Samantha Says:

Hi I've just received 30 hemofarm diazepam I've never tried them b4 I was expecting Teva blue diazepam but I got these are they really ok guys??..I'm a bit worried..thanks.

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Jade Says:

Re: Samantha (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Hi anyone got an update on hemofarm please??...also my friend got white diazepam called NELIZ have any you guys heard of them are they ok...thanks...

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Mr Diaz Says:

Re: Jade (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, Hemofarm is good diazepam from Eastern Europe or better known as Balkans. It's genuine pharmaceutical diazepam as Krka Apaurin but not well known as it's not widespread. You're all good.

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Barry Says:

I just received some Hemofarm diazepam HF 10mg. They look a lot like bensedin. Has anyone had any experience with these tablets.

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Barry Says:

Re: Jade (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Hi. Neliz diazepam is safe but seem very weak to me, about a third of the strength of eg bensedin. Hemofarm seems very strong but has no bad side effects. They don't make you feel drugged in the mornings. Recommended.

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Shawny Says:

Hi I too have received the Hemofarm diazepam but have not taken them yet the Bensedin ones worked well but not sure on the Hemofarm ones I’m thinking of just taken half a tablet to see how I get on has any one else had these before and are they the same as the one prescriped by doctors ?

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Captain Clonazolam Says:

Re: Barry (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Please note that many of the 'Neliz' 10mg diazepam tablets currently available on the grey / black market are counterfeit, containing a mixture of 2'chloro-diazepam (diclazepam) and alprazolam (xanax). The doses of each drug are unknown, as are whether the ratios of each drug are consistent to each other in each tablet.

Due to the two powerful benzodiazepines used to make the 'Neliz' tablets, they will still feel active to some degree, but nevertheless do not contain 10mg of diazepam.

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Mr Diaz Says:

Re: Captain Clonazolam (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you for honest answer, I’m not taking them luckily but it’s good to know this kind of information. Thanks!

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zenbuddhist Says:

Re: Captain Clonazolam (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Neliz are made in Spain. They are ok, bit weak. Hemofarm are chalky and dissolve quickly ... but not very long lasting. Both are weak diazepam. Depends what u want. Personally I like more effective tablets, so I prefer Bensedin. Where on earth did you hear about that BS about Neliz? That is absolute rubbish ... Where are your sources? Stick to the Klonopin Captain, and quit writing rubbish scare stories.

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Attila thehun Says:

I've noticed on some strips there is the outline of a triangle. On other strips it's solid, not just an outline. Not sure what this means...

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justme Says:

Yes I have some and tried a couple and deffo calm my nerves

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Wayne Says:

Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I know people who have bought these and had to take a drug panel within 48 hours. No benzodiazepine showed up.... another thing Is.... diazepam does not take an hour to kick in. I'm prescribed diazepam and nitrazepam. I'm never stupid with my meds and would never sell them. I tried a whole strip of these and will never wast my time again. I don't need to but I'm just letting people know that these are on the streets, but are not diazepam.

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dz Says:

Neilz are definitely xanax and something longer lasting. Anyone with experience with Xanax knows that taste but if you don't believe it check yourself. It is much cheaper getting rcs which have a massive markup and making packaging.

I find Hemofarm a little weak and the press is chalk but they are legit, just maybe a bit short of 10mg or I have a massive tolerance.

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Jaks Says:

Got 1 blister strip just now with ex date 10/2025. Seems good but you never know. Filled in Oslo 17 Sept 2021.

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