Generic Finasteride Finmax Real Or Fake?

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small white pill from india..on the packet says zenlabs pharmaceutics inc...looks like it says manufactured by preet remedies

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chris Says:

hey I received these pills also and am wondering the same thing. I think they're legit. Are yours 5mg as well?

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alex smith Says:

yeah they were supposed to send 5mg proscar but I received these instead and I'm not really sure because I can't find any info on them sooooooo lemme know how they work

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Roscoe731 Says:

I also have the same: Finmax (generic Finasteride) by Zenlabs in India. The strength is 1 mg. I would like to know if anyone has information on the efficacy of these pills???

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skyline09 Says:

Are you guys using this for hair loss?..And which website did you order it from because I also ordered Proscar 5mg and recieved Finmax

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Verwon Says:

When ordering from foreign medication sources, it is always hard to be certain of exactly what you are getting, foreign medications are not regulated like those approved for sale and use in the US.

Does anyone have more information on this?

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anon Says:

Google for ZenLabs India. You will find their website: http:/­/­­

Their home page says they comply with GMP norms. There is no proof of this.

Google for GMP norms pharamceutical wikipedia. I found http:/­/­­info/­links/­international/­gmp.aspx

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Mae83 Says:


I had the same. I ordered 5mg proscar from the site and recieved this finmax from india. I use fin against mpb, but I am not sure about this product, It doesent look really good, and i'm afraid of the sides. I've been using the real merck Proscar for now 4 month, and starting to have some visible results, but could you guys give me advices. Should I start with the new thing. Did some of you experienced anything interesting, you might want to share with us?

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gunatunga Says:

I was prescribed FINAST 5MG. an Indian product. for six momths. PSA value has changed from 5 to 6.Is it advisable to continue.

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