Discontinued Of Trika S.r. 0.5mg-withdrawl Effect


I take trika s.r 0.5mg with nitravit 5mg for sleeping problem for 10 months from last 10days i take only nitravit 5mg only not trika s.r 0.5mg,but got some shivering and mild chest pain,what i do next

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DOCTOR PRSCRIBE TRIKA SR 0.5 and i wnt to know the side effect of it

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Trika contains the active ingredient Alprazolam, this is a Benzodiazepine and they have a very high rate of dependency and addiction.

For withdrawal effects, you should speak to your doctor, you are on the same dosage, so shouldn't experience any extreme ones, but switching from a time released to a regular release can cause some issues.

Side effects to this medication may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and irritability.

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i m pesant of phobia and panic so doctors r given a uvox 50mg and trika sr 1 mg at night and serta 50mg at noon

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ive been taking trika 1.5mg every night or else i dont get sleep if i even try to reduce the dose by 0.5mg. its been 2.5 years since im taking this tablet. how to stop? what is the alternative?pls help

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hello sir,
MY father has recently undergone for a heart stent operation and doctor has adviced to take SR 0.5 mg during nights at bed time. May i know if there are any side affects given by thus medicine

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I take trika sr 0.5 before dinner. My sleep is very disturbed at night. Can I increase the dose to 1 mg or 0.75mg? I am almost 70yrs old and the above medicine has been prescribed by my Dr. Please also advise whether it is to be taken before dinner or at bedtime.

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