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how does one use cyproheptadine and for how long should it be taken

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Verwon Says:

It is most commonly used for its antihistamine properties, to treat allergic reactions.

As to how long it should be taken, it should NOT be taken without a doctor's supervision, so please speak to your doctor.


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carra Says:

Cyproheptadine do they really work for weight gain and do u really b sleepy

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carra Says:

Cyproheptadine I have the pills just scared to take them has anybody ever took them bfore o would like to here about the outcome

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lulu Says:

they re white small round tablets, if you are unsure go to the pharcist they will advise you

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Ionie Baker Says:

I need to gain a few pounds. Does this med work?

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Lind Says:

I take cyroheptadine 4mg at night with alprozolam 1 mg at night trazodone 50 mg at night an toramate 25 mg at night. What could be som sie affect for some people taking this for a long period of time

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Liz Says:

I take this for intense itching/burning on my left or right arm (radial-brachial neuritis.) Although it seems to take 30-60 minutes to work, it does eventually. I haven't noticed any side effects, but I stress-eat, so I wouldn't be able to tell if it was the drug or just stress! I haven't noticed any drowsiness, and that's a biggy for me. If your dr wants you to try it, do!

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Tolie Says:

Hi. My stomach is most all the time gassy n it gives me uncomfortable. N am very thin so do any one suggest me how to gain my weight?

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