Combination Of Oxetol And Eptoin

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i an a patient of veinous anomaly and had a focal seizure in december 2009 till then i have been given oxetol 300mg and 100mg eptoin in morng and 200 mg eptoin and 450 mg of oxetol in evening. is it toxic??

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Verwon Says:

Oxetol contains the active ingredient Oxcarbazepine.

You are on normal dosages of it, in the U.S. it is used in amounts as high as 600mgs per dosage.

Eptoin contains the active ingredient Phenytoin. It is used in dosages as high as 300mgs per dose, so you're not taking a crazy amount of it, either.


Have you spoken to your doctor about your concerns?


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aman Says:

i know the dosage is not high but i feel some side effects like nystagmus and pain in shoulder and right limb. actully the anomaly is near the motor region of the left parietal lobe. so till december i had some sentional lapse in right limb. i want to know how dangerous is this.

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