Chymoral Fort Dose In Pediatrics


chymoral fort dose in 7 year old male with 20kg weight.

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To learn more about the drug chymoral.

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Chymoral forte can prescribed to child, if the child is in an age of taking food himself.

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Can a child of two years take chymoral? My baby fell and had her elbow swollen.The X-ray shows the bone is not affected., but the place is swollen .

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According to the manufacturer the dosage is going to be based upon the severity of the conditions. Since the manufacturer does not specify a recommended dosage it would be best to consult your primary care physician to get proper guidance on what the appropriate dosage would be and if they believe that this is the right medication to be using.

I hope this helps.

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What about uring chymoral fort in children under 5 years

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Chymoral fort tab. Should be given or not for 8 years old girl & 25 kg weight.???
How many dose should be given.???

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