Carb/levo For Restless Leg Syndrome
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I've been prescribed to take Carb/Levo for restless leg syndrome. Does anyone have experience using it for this purpose and what were results?

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VerFree Says:

You can learn more about the medication and what to expect when taking it on Medline Plus. Given that it typically helps with Parkinson's symptoms, it stands to reason that it could also help with RLS.

Have you started taking it, yet?

If so, how is it working for you?

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Nancy Says:

I've been taking carb/levo for restless leg syndrome for a couple years. I started taking one tablet, 10 mg.- 100 mg and about a year later took 1 1/2 tablets. Now I'm down to 1/2 tablet as the higher dosage created restlessness an hour after I took it ... and lasted an hour before i could relax enuf to go to sleep. The 1/2 tablet seems to work better when taken with melatonin 3 mg... some nites it seems the pill dosn't work, so I'll take another 1/2 a couple hours later. Nothing else seems to help me sleep. The Requip made me dizzy after 6 months. When I've had a particularly active day, and tired beyond belief, then nothing much helps. I noticed it started when I was 8 months pregnant with my last child 23 years ago, and as the years went on it got worse. My aunt developed RLS after her first hip surgery, so I think it's some sort of nerve damage. Just wish it would go away, as it is so annoying. Some nites I just pound on my upper legs, dosn't help, still there!!!

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cgtravel Says:

I don't know how old your question is, but my mother has taken it for at least 10 years with no side effects. It provides her great relief. Once in awhile it won't be effective enough, but she gets by on those nights.

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