Bupropion 150mg -- Is It Fluoride-free And Gluten-free?

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Is bupropion 150 mg fluoride-free and gluten-free?

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Lulu Leman Says:

Is bupropion 150 mg fluoride-free and gluten-free?

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keger Says:

Good question! I'm in the middle of looking that up now (that's how I came across this post)

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Kevin Says:


I'd like to help you but I need to know a bit more information regarding your medication. Do you know the manufacturer and if possible can you give me the imprint on the pills? Each brand will have different inactive ingredients which is where you would find the gluten and flouride. Without knowing the exact brand I would just be taking a shot in the dark and I would hate to have something happen to you because I looked up the wrong brand.

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