Brotin Tablet And Prolactin Levels

Erum Says:

Hi. My prolactin is 30.52 ng/ml. As per my laboratory reports, a normal prolactin range is 3.8 ng/ml to 23 ng/ml. My doctor has advised me to take the brotin 2.5 mg tab twice a day. Should I continue?

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mansha Says:

My prolactin level is also high and I took cabergoline for eight weeks and felt much better with the medicine. Now that I stopped the medicine, I again feel pain in my breasts and headache. Take the medicines regularly and also go for the test after every two or three months.

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kalsoom Says:

Hi. My prolactin level is 55.33. My doctor advised me to take brotin tablets, which I've been taking for the last 5 days. My periods are usually regular but this time around I missed my last period and it's been 1 week already. Am i pregnant or is this a side effect of the medicine? If i am pregnant, is this tablet safe to use during pregnancy? Please guide me.

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Hashmi Says:

My prolactin level is 455 ng. I've been taking brotin for 3 months but my level is still the same. What should I do?

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Eesha Says:

My prolactin level is 20.4... My doc advised me to take half of a brotin-a tablet each day. Please tell me when I should take this medicine (e.g. after breakfast)? Thank you.

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asma Says:

Hello. Mera name asma h or meri shadi ko 6 sal hochuky hn but ek bar b concive nhi kia. Test krwaye tou mera prolactin level 21.9 h... Or mujhe brotin use kiye huye ek month hogya h mujhe kitny month or leni hogi ye tab. Plz answer.

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Shaista Says:

Re: kalsoom (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Are you pregnant? I am also taking dopergin & my level of prolactin is 47.2 b ng/ml.

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Shazia Says:

My prolactin level is 791 out of 490 and I've been using Brotin for the last 3 weeks. Can I get pregnant in one month?

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Summiya Zohaib Says:

Mera prolactin Pehle 40 tha aur ab 44.0 hain shadi ko 2 years hogaye aur many pehle parlodel li phr chur di ap Brotin li 7 weeks thk phr doctor ny meri lady ke uske bd test blood karwana ke is ki kya range hain phr is tarha continue karna aur ab Saudia main rehti Hun is time Karachi tou many abhi thk koi test yahan Jeddah main rehti Saudi Arabia’ so plzz mujhy bataye doc jb thk 20 na prolactin Tb medicine layna ya jb Saudia jake year tou wahan ki doc sab puchna ke kb thk sara apna 88problema batana test karwana tou 1 ab month 19 thk kahan doc lekin lo Tb lets pr ab many test nhi Saudia ap yeh apni normal range hogaya hoga ya jb test karwao tou phr pata kare ke kitny hain

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