Bondormin Sleeping Pills

Aline Says:

I've been on bondormin sleeping pills for a few years now and I'm having concentration problems and memory loss.Is this irreversible damage or just side effects which will vanish if I stop taking them???

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Aline!

Bondormin contains the active ingredient Brotizolam, which is a sedative hypnotic that's an analog of a benzodiazepine and those types of side effects are known to occur in some people that take these medications.

Usually, they do go away once the medication is discontinued, but it may take awhile, since you've been taking them for so long.

Learn more Brotizolam details here.

You shouldn't abruptly discontinue this medication, however, because doing so may create the risk of seizures.

Is there anything I can help with?

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Nick Says:

My grandmother has dementia and she had trouble sleeping so she was prescribed with bondormin. Its 3 weeks now but she's having trouble sleeping again. She have billiary cirrhosis, btw. Is it bcos of her disease that's why maybe the sleeping pill is not effective? Thanks

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