Blue Tablets With Ez 10 On Them

CHELLE34 Says:

I've found these blue pills in my brothers room. They are round with EZ 10 written on them. Apparently they are meant to be valium

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David Says:

From what I could gather off other reviews, these are said to have the same effects as Diazepam and apparently do work just as well for some people and not so much for others.

However I have not found any verifiable information confirming whether or not they are real from a legitimate manufacturer or possibly good replicas from off the street.

Posted below is another discussion thread that may also have more details on their legitimacy:

I hope this helps! Does anyone else here recognize these tablets?

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chloe Says:

Can you help me i was giving what was meant to be valium but on one side it said nothing but the other side had a 1|0 can you tell me what they are I know of ppl who have been shaking plz help.thanks

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rab Says:

Hi I no the ez tabs are not real they taste like sweets and makes your tong / mouth go blue I would not buy them stay away I have been on this med since I was 16 am now 32 not to good with computers and am looking for the little yellow diazepam 5 mg a no they are from Sweden defo real.

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gman Says:

Real and thousands of fake ez10s. Some diazepam mort got crushed up chalk and anti deppressants.dangerous game at times

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the master Says:

They are not valium they are made up to look like valium mixed with anti-psychotics and dipped in blue ink

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Lindyloo72 Says:

I've been using benzos for 25 years, as has my partner. We're pretty sure the ez 10s are in fact temazepam - they don't have the slightly bitter valium taste, but are sweet, like tablet form temazepam. And when you go to sleep on them, they knock you right out. No-one up here has had a bad experience on them, and there are plenty about, but as with any benzo, don't take a pile, and don't mix them with booze.

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