Best Time Of Day To Take Myrbetriq

Chuck Says:

Just starting out on Myrbetriq and was wondering when is the best time of the day to take this medicine??

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Chuck! How are you?

There is no real best time of day to take it, it really depends on you and how your body reacts to it.

Some people may experience a lot of dizziness and drowsiness, as listed among the side effects provided by the FDA, so some people do better taking it at night, before bed, so the worst have worn off by morning. Other side effects may also include nausea, blurred vision and dry mouth.

What instructions did your doctor provide?

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Gail Says:

My doctor has prescribed hydrochlorot (fluid pill) that I take in the morning. Myrbetriq has been described bladder control. Is this normal? If so, when should I take the myrbetriq?

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Suz Says:

Taking it 2 days can't sleep. Is this it's falter. Taking g I think at nigbt

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MaryLou Says:

Should I take Myrbetriq with my other medicine in the morning or by itself at night?

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Chris Says:

I started taking myrbetrig 4 days ago. I started out taking 50 MG at night... Wow, first good night's sleep in months. I was having cramps during the day so I am now taking 25mg at night and in the morning. I had a few drinks last night and also wet myself last night. Should I not drink alcohol?

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Mariat Says:

Hi... I’m very confused I went to my gynecologist for regular check and let her know that I was having some problems holding my urine when I coughed ,sneeze or workout she send me to do a study and to make the story short she said that I have an over active bladder and prescribed me Myrbertriq wish I’m afraid to take it because I have high blood pressure and a my prescription contain a water elimination so what should I do should I go and see my primary Dr and ask for a different prescription or should go ahead and take it :/

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Julie Says:

I am taking Myrbetriq in the morning but often lose control after I have gone to bed. Should I switch to taking it at bedtime?

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