Aspirin Gastro Resistance Tablet And Delayed Release Tablet

Anjali Says:

Hi. I was taking aspirin delayed release 75mg. For last 3-4 years. As the tablet got over I requested one of my friend to bring the ecosprin tablet but he brought aspirin gastro resistance 75mg it both are same. There is no problem of taking this medicine.

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12345 Says:

Please what is the difference between aspirin dispersible 75mg and gastro-resistance asprin 75mg?

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David Says:

@Post #1,

I don't know if there's any inherent difference between the two, as from what I could gather, the dispersible tablets are said to be soluble and the gastro-resistant tablets are said to have an enteric-coating that is supposed to delay release and be easier on the stomach (providing longer lasting effects). Technically, both tablets are soluble - but the gastro-resistant tablets explicitly state that they last longer due to slower absorption.


Yes, Ecosprin is just another trade name for Aspirin (delayed release / gastro-resistant) tablets.

I hope this helps!

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