Alcohol Addiction

scared for troy Says:

My husband is an alcoholic and trying hard to to stop drinking ,however this is very dangerous n we are wanting know how to slowly taper off and for how long without causing himself death or seizures ..any answers would be very appreciated our marriage depends on this for he is very angry on alcohol

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Verwon Says:

I am sorry about what you're dealing with. All addictions are tough.

The best thing for him to do, for his own safety, would be to get medical help and possibly the support of something like AA.

How much does he drink and how often? Does he spend any time sober?

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Marginot Says:

For withdrawal there is physical consequences such as seizures.He should stop cold turkey under guidance from your doctor who could prescribe drugs such as valium.
Alcohol damages brain cells which resultsinthe above plus paranoia.
Psychological withdrawal will require he be removed from drinking buddies and places that serve alcohol and his old haunts and replaced with other activities and places of social interaction such as church, music language study or artist involvement groups.Spectator sports or tv gatherings are not a good idea.

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steve Says:

I would agree that Valium or a Librium can help with the seizures. To me it sounds like torture any way you look at it. I would recommend a detox center that can help, dunno of any...

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steve Says:

I am the a$$hole who demands 1 beer per hour until defecation. This is not medically recommended.

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