Af Plus Weight Loss And Energy

Carly Says:

I got the free trial and saw no difference in my weight or energy levels. When I called to cancel and return the unused bottle the representative got very ugly with me. He said "You're not gonna lose any weight doing that!" and insulted me by insinuating that I was a fat cow. I told him that my weight was none of his business and that the ad said that I could return it for any reason. I then asked for a supervisor and he hung up on me.

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Carly! What an awful way to treat someone.

This website isn't affiliated with any products, it is an information only website.

However, I wanted to ask, did you manage to cancel, before he hung up on you?

If not, they'll still ship more and keep charging you. If that's the case, then you'll need to contact your credit card company or bank and let them know what happened and that you no longer want to receive these products.

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sunshine Says:

Hello do you have a contact number for this company

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Morgan610 Says:

Were you able to cancel the product? I ordered this AF Plus, never received the product and then I get a charge this month for $79.90 and still have not received any product! I can not get any information on this product and can not get intouch with customer service, I have even changed my bank card number. I need some help please?

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Me Says:

Does anyone have a good number to call to cancel? All the ones I call are busy!

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tt Says:

This is the number I used to call and cancel my order with the (1-800-605-1231).

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numer Says:

here a number that on the side of the bottle i got. 1-800-480-8701.

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Aysha Says:

Hi I am in need of a number to reach a costumer service member what number did you call

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Jo Says:

I have received several calls from Adam at AF Plus telling me that my account is in collections. I honestly don't even remember ordering from AF Plus. I did receive some diet pills from primalitenutrients, wondering if this is the same place. I sent an email requesting to have my account cancelled and how do I return the unused bottle that I didn't use or want. NEVER heard anything back from anyone until today when this Adam person called me several times...very rude, and threatening. I hung up on him twice. When I called the number back to speak with someone else to find out exactly what is going on, that person put me on hold & Adam picked up again being very rude and threatening...I hung up again! I finally had to block that phone number as he kept calling back...very unprofessional!!

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liz Says:

please don’t buy a plus diet pill. this product is a scam and it’s a terrible product. i got it and took it for a few days, i felt horrible it made my heart go fast and made me feel nervous. I even had heart pain. It's dangerous. don’t even think of trying i

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Bridgette Says:

Try 1-800-480-8701.....I called this number & told them to cancel me! And they told me would return part of the payment they took out of the bank...I have yet to see that! And I pray they don't charge me again! We all need to step up and do something bout these scammers!!!!

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babygirl2015 Says:

I been taking this for a week does it work and is itvok to take it while breastfeeding

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kris Says:

I called AF plus a number of times to try to process my order and never received the product. The first time was my fault however the other times that I called 207-420-3810 or 800-605-1231, I got men that seemed like they would help but the very last time i called and got a female named Katelyn and she was very rude. Her "supervisor" Nick told her that they would not process the order because of past issues, yet my bank had blocked the transaction because the charge were coming from GREAT BRITAIN not Maine! So be careful however, i would not trust it!

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