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Where Can I Buy Zytiga

Where can I buy ZYTIGA in a discount pharmacy for the best price? ## Hi Dorothy, I bought Zytiga (Arbiraterone) from an Israeli pharamcy, which garantee their prices for the lowest of all. I saved up to 3000$ these past two months. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer eight months ago, and I have to say I feel much better... ## what is the name of this pharmacy, how can i contacted them? ## Hi, Any idea which pharmacy I can buy it from? ?Thanks ## Hello, If you are still looking for Zytiga. I have an unopened bottle (120 pills )for sale. I purchased from Zytiga recommended pharmacy for my father overseas who had late state prostate cancer. Unfortunately he passed away two days after I got the medicine. I paid $5500 for it but will take best offer. ## How about $550? ## Hello Do you stil...

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Where can I get cheaper Zytiga?

Hi. My partner got Zytiga from an on-line store, where Janssen (Zytiga ) told us to order from. But we found it so expensive ($6,000), compared to a Canadian on-line pharmacy(around $5,900. still very expensive for us). Is there any ways to access cheaper on-line store? Our insurance does pay 60% of it, but still, it is too hefty for us to pay. Thank you so much. ## Hi Ovid, There are a number of online pharmacies out there that may have better prices on what you're looking for. I would recommend starting off your search with sites such as PharmacyChecker, as they only list certified (reputable) online pharmacies. Additionally, legitimate online pharmacies that carry the VIPPS seal are listed at: nabp.net/programs/accreditation/vipps/find-a-vipps-online-pharmacy/ It's a lot to l...

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Zytiga Performance

My friend has been on Zytiga for the last five weeks. Last week his blood was tested for PSA and it showed increase from 35 to 90. This has shocked us. The pain is moderate and continues to be so. Does anyone have similar experience i.e. PSA going up. Does it come down once it goes up during treatment? ## PSA levels can increase initially with Zytiga before the levels start to fall. PSA levels can be misleading since they are an indirect marker of cellular debris from the prostate cancer. As the tumour dies off the PSA levels can rise as more cellular debris enters the bloodstream. Eventually this should fall to a lower level after 3 months. If Zytiga fails to work then you should try Salvestrols which work beyond Zytiga.

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zytiga and prednisone, casodex, and nitrofurantoin!

just started zytiga, along with prednisone, 50 mg of casodex, lupron shot within 10 days.. and hitrofurantoin monohydrat 100 mg.. and have a white substance.. "OCCURING" frequently. on the inside of mouth. also on Fentnyl 50 mcg, and 600 mcg Fentnyl ( actiq).. ## Have you spoken to your doctor about it? There is a reasonably good chance that the white substance in your mouth is due to a yeast infection from the antibiotic, Nitrofurantoin that you are taking. They are well known to cause them as side effects. If that is what is causing the problem, then your doctor can prescribe an antifungal oral medication to help clear it up.

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Copay assistance from Zytiga manufacturer

Zytiga offers copay assistance to anyone who fills out the form on their web site. They will pay all except $20 of your copay. Here is how to enroll: 1. go to Zytiga.com and click on "Patients & Caregivers / Coverage Questions" 2. on the page that opens, click on the Zytiga icon 3. on the page that opens, click on "ZytigaOne Instant Savings Program" on the right side of the page 4. from this point, it is pretty easy to follow. Call their toll free number for info. ## Thank you for this helpful information Dennis - I managed to get the link directly to step 4 above if anyone wants a shortcut. This is a PDF document with details about the ZytigaOne Instant Savings Program:

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