Zopiclone Or Zimovane

simon tree Says:

Am wanting to get a prescription for 7.5mg because they are not addictive.

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Rita Says:

Trying to find a brand name that supplies Zopiclone 3.75mg sleeping tablets must be the small round blue tablet not oval, as the blue round tablet is the one that is the best for me. My pharmacy supplies them but does not know the brand name foe the blue tablet. Could you please let me know if possible.Thank you.

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Mogman Says:

Sorry to burst your bubble but they are indeed very addictive much the same as nitrazapam.....

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I have just received some blue 7.5 zoplicone not. scored and no markings a round smooth tablet.the company is zop and is says BP.7.5 mg . Are they safe as I have never has blue zoplicone before with no scoring and marking on . If someone could please speedily reply

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A11ison Says:

Re: Rita (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Rita, the brand you're looking for is Bristol laboratory. I usually have a completely different make, but received these little round blue ones instead. Hope it helps.

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