Zolpidem 10mg Pill Information

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creme colored oblong pill with 10 MG on one side and square dissected symbol on the reverse

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Verwon Says:

I can't find a pill meeting this description, but Zolpidem is a generic for Ambien, it is a hypnotic used to treat insmonia.

Some common side effects may include: nausea, hallucinations, amnesia and euphoria.

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Harry Says:

Just received a new generic pill for ambian. My old one was round. This one is oval, white, has 79 on one side and E on the other. Is this good to go?

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rty Says:

I have been on generic Ambien for a couple of months now, bought at walgreens, couldn't afford anymore and went to schnucks and now they look different. Oblong peach with 10mg. on one side and dissected square on other. I am going to try them tonight, if they don't work, what do you do?? I have to pay for these cash, without insurance, do they give you something else?

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vince Says:

Did the oblong peach with 10mg. on one side and dissected square on other generic ambien work the same as the others? thx

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Johnnydboombotz Says:

Yes it will work the same I take generic ambien the one with 10 mg on front and a 5 point dice logo on the back. Legally generics have to be the same as the brand name drug

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patricia Says:

I've been taking zolpidem tartrate for about four yrs. They're oblong white 10mg generic for ambien. They're good. I get them filled at krogers. i had publix to fill them once an they had a different number 7 something on it. they was no good so i went back to kroger. well i just got my meds refilled an noticed my brand was changed. They're a peach yellow color and filled by torrent out of india. After i pulled up the pill to make sure it was ambien it was, so i broke it n half the way i take them and it did work great. i will try them again tonight an make sure its effect is the same. if so i will continue keeping my meds coming from krogers. i found if i eat before i take one it will prolong the effect. but if u take them on an empty stomach u better b in bed! Sometimes I'm texting after taking them an i don't even know it. once i fell asleep with my phone n my hand an just happen to wake up i cought my finger text so i put my phone down fast. it was so weird ! Like my hand had a mind of its on. very weird! Its kinda funny but scary. I happen to look on fb the next day an saw my text i put little pictures up an even text a sentence. So now when i text if id done taken a pill an my text is all goofie everyone knows ok she's sleep textin. I try to put my phone up when i take one!!!

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AJA Says:

Why can’t we get Ambien (Zolpidem) 10mg by Mylan at an affordable price? Torrent brand does not work. I can’t keep going with no sleep. My doctor is trying something different and it isn’t working. I feel like I can’t function, but I have to work.

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MBZ Says:

Which pharmacies carry Mylan brand Zolpidem? SAMs club would order it for me. Then they closed. A few years ago Teva had cornered the market and all major pharmacies. They don't work!

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