Zanidip 10 Mg And Flushing

Helen Says:

i am taking Zanidip in the morning but then my face starts flushing on and off during the day.i was wondering if i could take it at night so the flushing would occur during the night i also take tenormin in the morning. Yesterday i didnt take the zanidip and no flushing. it also occured when i tried monopril, and plendl i think the doctor is running out of options


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Verwon Says:

Hello, Helen! How are you doing? Sorry about the side effects that you're experiencing.

What are you taking it to treat?

If it's for hypertension, then there should be plenty of other options available for you to try, even in India. (I'm assuming your general location because that's where these brands are available.)

Learn more Zandip details here.

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Helen Says:

yes its for hypertension but i also take tenormin yesterday i only had the flushing for a few hours so im hoping im getting use to it. i live in australia thanks anyway

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