Why Are Prescription Prices Going Up So Much?

Patricia Says:

In Dec. 2015I got 120 Hydrocodone/10/325Acet. and 90 Tamazapam 30mg. I paid around $55. Today I only got the Hydrocodone and it was $81.00. I live in a small town and get my prescriptions filled for years at Brookshires grocery. What is happening? The clerk who has been there years didn't seem to know. I will have to ask my Dr. What a good replacement will be in over the counter meds.

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BL Says:

Patricia, all prescriptions are going up and so is everything else. It is a combination of things that are making the prices go up. With more people on Medicaid and receiving free prescriptions, someone has to pay for that, the cost of making the meds, the salary and insurance for the employees, pharmaceutical heads, rent, utilities, etc for the bulidings where the meds are made, etc. You might want to look into getting a discount card. Also check the cost at other pharmacys. Brookshires is often one of the cheapest, but not always and it does depend on the meds. Did you get the same generic this time that you did before ? The cost of generics vary greatly.

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VerFree Says:

Unfortunately, there aren't any over the counter medications, in the U.S., that are equivalent to an opiate.

As to the prices, they do fluctuate regularly due to various factors, such as the price of the raw ingredients used to manufacture the medication, changes in shipping costs, and etc.

You might save more money by using a free savings card, such as this one, all you have to do is put in your email address, print the card, and present it at your pharmacy.

Have you tried using one, yet?

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